Criminal traffic law

Criminal traffic law is an important area of traffic law. The rules that participants of traffic need to abide by are found in criminal traffic law. If a participant breaks such a rule, there is a punishment. Within criminal traffic law there is a distinction between traffic law violation and a criminal traffic law infringement.

Criminal traffic law infringements are:

  1. Breaching article 6 Wegenverkeerswet (Dutch Traffic Law)
  2. Driving under the influence
  3. Driving without a valid license
  4. Failure to stop after a collision     

Traffic law violations are:

  1. Breach of article 5 Wegenverkeerswet
  2. Breaking the speed limit
  3. Tailgating
  4. Driving without insurance

In article 178 Wegenverkeerswet there is a provision that states which criminal traffic incidents are criminal infringements, and which are violations. Besides this article there are many traffic violations to be found in the ‘Reglement Verkeersregels en verkeerstekens’ (Regulation on traffic rules and signs).

If you are a suspect in a criminal traffic law case, there may be serious consequences if you are convicted. Bert Kabel, criminal traffic lawyer, has a lot of experience in defending people that have to appear before a judge or prosecutor because they are suspected of breaching a traffic law.

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