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Company law

Attorney: Warm, committed team player. Excels at finding creative strategies and solutions. Mr. Martijn de Schepper Attorney - Company law, English Legal Team and Liability law

"My specialist fields are corporate law and partnership law. Including contract law, corporate acquisition and insolvency law. All involving highly complex legislation. The more complex, the more businesses need assistance. You could say I make a living out of the complexity of trading.

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Traffic law

Attorney: Determined strategist. He never stops before all facts are on the table. He is never satisfied with less than the best result possible. Mr. Bert Kabel Attorney - Traffic law and Commercial law

SMART Advocaten is a great law firm for various reasons. The scale is good: we have a young team and an informal but very professional atmosphere aimed at a good quality of service.

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Liability law

Attorney: A first class goalkeeper. Combines expertise with inexhaustible energy. Has the drive to get results. Mr. Suzanne van Dijsseldonk Attorney - Labour law, Family law and Liability law

Suzanne excels thanks to her firm approach and her strong drive to always achieve the best for the client. As the head of the employment law section of our firm she and her teammates as well as our other colleagues, firmly stand by the entrepreneurs and the employees which she assists.

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Debt Collection

Attorney: Workaholic; an enterprising professional and solution oriented. Mr Jeroen Smelt Attorney - Debt Collection, Labour law and Company law

"My specialist fields are Company law, labour law and debt collection. A partner for entrepeneurs!"

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Commercial law

Attorney: Proactive, energetic and always happy to help. Mr. Daniëlla van Rooij Attorney - Commercial law, Traffic law, Tenancy law and Debt Collection


Daniëlla is motivated and goes straight for her goals. She spent her high school years at a top sport education center as a show jumper and she has been very active in equestrian sport for years. Perseverance and discipline have shaped her character and this is reflected in her working methods. “I’m strongly focused and have a critical eye for details. In this context efficiency is highly valued. It is evident that much is expected of me and I will do everything I can to meet these expectations.

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