General Liability

Recover suffered damages or putting forward a defence against liability claims.

Our attorneys have considerable experience in recovering damages and setting up defences for unjust liability claims.

Article: Action after damage and liability claims

We make a division between damage as a consequence of a defective product; serious offence or accident on the one side and matters in which the dispute is whether an insurance intermediary; a director or other professional has done his or her job properly or has offended a duty of care on the other side. How do you claim liability in such matters or how do you defend yourself against such liability claims, if they are made unjustly.

We distinguish the following kinds of damages and liabilities:

Product liability

Has an ordered and delivered product turned out to be defective and did this cause damage? What has to be proven and which damages can be and cannot be recovered?

Victim of a serious offence?

If you are the victim of a serious offence, how then can you recover the damages? There are several options.

Professional liability

Professionals can make mistakes as well, but accusations of mistakes are also often made unjustly. How do you determine whether an error has occurred and how do you deal with this?

Wrongful act

Have you caused damage because of someone else? Can you then recover your damages? That depends on whether you can reproach justifiably. If this is the case, you will have to undertake action if you want your damages to be recovered.

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