Trademark protection


Without a good product or service, an enterprise in general is without prospect. Moreover a good product or service does not even ensure the prosperity of the enterprise. It takes more to become successful in entrepreneurship.

Practice shows that a good name gives an enormous boost to a starting enterprise and it can give an established name its lead over other competitors. It is therefore very wise to protect your trademark (the name and/or the logo).

Each country has different rules with regards to this protection

What makes the protection of trademarks, tradenames, logos and similar aspects difficult, confusing and/or lengthy, are the different rules that 

exist in each country. As a consequence you can rarely register at just one point, with the exception of the Benelux countries who do work together intensively on this matter.

When you are going to protect the name/logo you do not have to consider what has to be protected, but also where this protection should apply:

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