Running a business

We advise on such issues on a daily business; we arrange practical matters and we lay the puzzle for ánd with the entrepeneurs we assist.

Do you choose for a private limited company (‘B.V.’), a general partnership (‘V.O.F.’) or a one-man business? We can tell you about the advantages of a private limited company and about the differences between a professional partnership and a general partnership and what you have to sort out with fellow shareholders in a shareholders agreement. We explain whether and how you can prevent directors’ and officers’ liability and how you can contest allegations of unsound management. We also advise you on how you can protect your brands and on how to react to planning blight caused by the progress of work or other setbacks.

Areas of expertise

For entrepreneurial matters we guide the way for:

1. The legal form of the business.

Is a holding with one or more operating companies practical for you? What are the consequences for working within a general or professional partnership?

2. Trademark protection

Is your name a sign of recognition for people that will find you anyway or do you position yourself with a brand? If the last is the case, how can you then protect your brand optimally?

3. Directors’ and officers’ liabilities in businesses

Winners always have friends, but will you be blamed by fellow shareholders when business goes bad? When are you personally liable? Make sure that you are not accused of committing a wrongful act towards the tax administration or a supplier and prevent accusations of unsound management.

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