termination of an employment agreement

termination of an employment agreement and duty of notification

Giving notice of the termination of an employment agreement is necessary to terminate an employment agreement. The notification entails that an employer confirms towards the employee whether the employment agreement is terminated or continued.

1. Notification of termination

Terminating an employment agreement can be done in several ways, like per e-mail, per letter, per fax or even orally. We advise  you to terminate the agreement in writing, because you must be able to prove that your notification has reached the other party.  You can also send the letter of notification by registered post or ask the other party for a confirmation of the termination.

If an employee terminates the employment agreement in an emotional state, then the employee may not just assume that the termination was a well-considered decision without further ado.

2. Duty of notification

The duty of notification means that the employee is obliged to inform the employee on whether the employment agreement will be continued or not at least one month before the agreement ends by operation of law.

Among other things, the duty of notification does not apply to employment agreements of a period of 6 months or less. Also the duty does not apply when a temporary employment clause is included in the temporary employment agreement.

An employer may also announce that the employment agreement will not be continued at the moment the parties enter into the employment agreement.

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